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  life blood of a business

Lead Generation

Lead Generation, the lifeblood of a business! The ability of your business to survive and thrive depends on acquiring quality leads – at costs that make sense. Digital Thynk’s online lead generation services engage highly motivated prospects and deliver them in real-time.  After a deep analysis of your company, competitors and your market place, our experts will custom create a unique lead generation proposal so you get quality leads at a fixed price.


SEO Services

Done right, SEO can deliver an abundance of high quality leads through high placement on Google. At Digital Thynk, our expertise in SEO means you’ll get a clear and compelling game plan to help take your business to the top of Google. Speak to us today to learn more about how Digital Thynk’s proven SEO strategy can grow your online presence.  

Social Media Marketing

Compelling social media campaigns allow you to portray your brand as an emotional life force in the cut throat business world. At Digital Thynk we have masterminded exceptional emotive campaigns designed to understand your customers, and speak their language. Our organic brand campaigns are beautifully wielded to build rapport and engagement.

Paid Advertising

Navigating paid advertising can be a daunting task. The difference between positive ROI and a painfully negative campaign can be summed up in one word. Experience. Our expertise in PPC (Google Adwords), Facebook & Social Media Ads & Taboola gives your business the edge to  squeeze out every last bit of ROI from your advertising budget.

Email Marketing

One of the best delivers of positive ROI, our email marketing campaigns are designed to intrigue, compel and generate responses – new interest, cross sell, upsell to new and existing customers. You can count on our expertise to turn website visitors in to life long customers. Discover how email marketing can rapidly generate new leads for your business. 


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