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Strategy & Analytics

An effective strategy is the core of any marketing campaign. It reduces the time spent playing the guessing game, giving more time to the  business to get ahead of competition. Walking along side strategy is analytics that goes beyond simple web analytics tools like Google Analytics to include a more comprehensive view of what’s working and what isn’t, conversion rates and understanding of a buyer’s journey. Want to continue the conversation? Get in touch today.

Digital Strategy

We audit the digital capabilities and goals of your brand and create an action plan that helps guide the growth and success of your business. Our experience has revealed that complete digital strategy comes only when marketing strategists, designers and content writers  work together. The result is incremental growth in traffic, volume, conversion and profitability.  

Analytics Audit

At Digital Thynk we’re all about data! Analysing business insights to maximise conversions and make better choices for your business. A well configured implementation of Google Analytics and Goal Tracking facilitates data led decision that will drive engagement, push sales thereby maximising your business ROI.

Brand Strategy

The number one asset of a business is its brand. An effective brand strategy is created overtime and gives power to build stronger connections with your target audience and cultivate brand loyalty. The journey of a successful brand at Digital Thynk starts with a thoughtful strategy combined with implementation tools that puts your brand on the path to success.

Web Analytics

Know your visitors! Our Web Analytics measures web aspects of your website such as page load speed, page views and time on site along with identifying opportunities to improve. Undertaking web analytics can result in better measurement, control and decision-making for your digital marketing spends.


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